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Summer Soups

Even with the rising temperatures, I will always find a reason to make soups. They are, without question, my absolute favorite meal, because of their deeply nourishing, comforting and mood-lifting properties. Additionally, soups may be prepared in large batches, designed to enjoy well into the week and thus preserving valuable personal time. Creating colorful, rejuvenating, and healthful soups can become a somewhat addicting endeavor.

Taking advantage of Summer's vibrant fare - watermelon, sweet corn, fresh herbs, summer squash, cucumber, tomatoes and bell peppers, these whole foods aim to delight the senses and provide endless inspiration for summer soups. Enjoyed hot or cold, soups are fluid, light, and refreshing; a perfect compliment to the summer heat.


Chowders, despite their reputation for being thick and creamy, tend to reign supreme in the summer months. One of my all-time favorite cravings is a roasted corn chowder with a Thai influence. Prepared with coconut milk, this is a lighter variation; however, still offers a dare to the tastebuds with a serrano and chili paste kicker.

This variation on traditional gazpacho yields a slightly sweeter and surprising result. As a roasting queen, it takes every ounce of restraint not to toss those tomatoes into the oven first.  The objective here, however, is to experience the raw, bright, and electric flavors of each ingredient in their natural states, of which, are even more so enhanced by the chilling of this soup:

Last but not least, this Summer Squash Soup can be enjoyed hot or cold. I've certainly done both. Here, I do take advantage of roasting the summer squash, as I feel it does enhance the flavor profile. Plus, I simply can't resist. Add in some wild rice and you have a very satisfying, guilt-free indulgence right before your very hungry eyes.


True to form, these soups are delicious, convenient and only improve in flavor in the days to follow. As the summer progresses, I will gladly share more of my seasonal favorites, as well as some brand-spanking new ones to you and to me, as I experiment and take full advantage of the culinary gems that this season brings. Thank you, Summer!


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