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natalie hirshman

Intuition. It is an extraordinary gift that lies within all of us, yet we are not often encouraged to use. I have been fascinated with intuition from a very young age, emanating from my deep adoration for earth's creatures and spending hours upon hours observing how they utilize their intuition and instinct to function in this world with such fluidity and harmony. I longed to possess that same innate assuredness.

Fast forward over years of social and environmental conditioning; practices that divert our attention away from our core and instead have us all scurrying to check off boxes on a predetermined list of what our successes should consist of. It is no wonder so many of us find ourselves incomplete, disillusioned, rushed, unhappy (and worse) at younger and younger life stages.

We are creatures of nature, ever-evolving, akin to the change of seasons. I watch how the hills where I live restore themselves to a lush and verdant landscape, after months of seemingly devastating drought, from winter to spring. I marvel at how flocks migrate so effortlessly, preparing for impending change, some that is known, some unknown. Even so, everything in nature progresses forward and shifts with absolute trust in their ability to thrive. We, too, are capable of living in this harmonious manner.

Young or "seasoned", the greatest discipline that we can eternally engage in is the practice of living intuitively, trusting our true selves and our true senses. I did not create this site to show you how to be an expert of someone else's ideals. It is designed to encourage, support and inspire you to unlock the natural you. To reconnect with your core and curate a life with value that is uniquely your own. To trust yourself to unconform, engage in new, exciting experiences and pardon any burdens from your past. To create your own joy and and your own peace, regardless of circumstance. And to celebrate nature, because we are an integral part of nature and to respect it, is to respect ourselves. 


Be the expert of you. 

~ Natalie

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