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Kitchen Sink Foods

Pictured here are real-time ingredients from my fridge that were only used for a particular dish or are reaching their freshness deadline. One thing that is worth the extra couple of moments, while everything else is prepared, is to roast your vegetables. I set aside what will be used for garnishes and toss the remainder into my trusty, comford-food baking dish:

While I have several amazing recipes for vegetable stock, on a frazzled, time-crunched day, the thought of making homemade stock simply sounds exhausting and slightly pretentious. Instead, let me introduce to you my secret weapon:

In the time that it takes to roast your vegetables, about 30 minutes or so, stock can be heated up, flatbread can be prepared, rice cooked and utensils cleaned. Following a quick assemble and heat through, dinner is colorful, bright, nutritious and best of all....finished.

After you praise yourself with amazement and wonder, you are free to stock a fresh refrigerator with a clear conscience! A win-win!


This moniker was assigned to these types of creations, because the objective is to make use of everything left over in the kitchen (with the exception, of course, of the kitchen sink). This has become one of my favorite culinary exercises, as I am a staunch anti-food waster (what I cannot use, I compost) and it puts my creative skills to work. I approach this exercise with the enthusiasm of a "Chopped" contestant, and I am rarely disappointed with the results. 

Here, I've created three different dishes from the same leftovers: A soup (my typical go-to), a flatbread, and a buddha bowl. As kitchen sink dinners tend to coincide with time-sensitive evenings, these suggestions are intentionally quick and easy to prepare.

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