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Favorite Things

October, for me, is a month filled with an overabundance of Favorite Things. I wait all year for it. With the summer heat making its departure a little bit earlier this year than in years past, I feel as though the month has bestowed an extra special sweetness on me. I'll take it. 


This time of year invariably guides me towards the Danish term, "Hygge", which, if you looked up its definition, varies slightly depending on the reference source. That's because it's a feeling, a way of life, a mood that is created from a culmination of many things, or....Favorite Things. They are unique and personal from person to person. Regardless of the constructed elements, Hygge is a custom designed way of living that promotes comfort, serenity, joy. It is setting your surroundings, with intention, to welcome peace, positivity, and warmth. While this is a practice that I actively engage in for every season, each honored with a particular twist, Fall is my most favorite. Chock full of seasonal rituals designed for self-care, self-respect, and comfort...what beats that.

One of the most exciting and intoxicating signals of Fall is when the air changes. It happens in an instant. I can smell it, I can feel it, as it breezes straight through my soul. My entire being sings. At this very moment, I look around to witness its similar influence on the natural landscape. Our collective moods shift, our colors change, as we fly as a flock towards comfort and security. It's such a soul-satisfyingly beautiful, and at times, wild act of organic transition.




Halloween invites us to express ourselves, our creativity and engages our imaginations in seasonal celebration. It's always been a Favorite Thing for me. As you can see, I never miss an opportunity to participate and embark on the planning stages of this festive day well into the prior year. I equally look forward to seeing everyone's unique expression through our community, our friends and our neighbors alike.



It's no secret that I spend a lot of time on my interior surroundings. I love my home, so it is awarded my utmost attention. It doesn't need to be complicated; a simple swap of throws, pillows, bedding, and loungewear does the trick to create an atmosphere of tranquility. My current obsession is with the seasonal essential oils that are out and about. Instant mood-lifters. These particular goodies come from the, "Bakery Collection" from P&J Trading. And yes, they have every seasonal set under the sun. I personally cannot wait until Christmas....


Saving the very best for last, who doesn't yearn for comfort food all year round. Mine is soup. I could devote an entire cookbook to soups. I even enjoy soups in extreme summer, heat level Hades. It doesn't matter. My particular seasonal favorites involve chunky curries and stews, but the traditional tomato soup wins my heart every time. I love experimenting with this simple staple. Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, sometimes married with other seasonal vegetables or as a base stock, it just comforts every fiber of my being. This version is meant to be exactly this: simple, quick and ridiculously nourishing. It's so healthy, there's no shame in indulging in an extra piece of Halloween candy and it serves as the perfect accompaniment to a binge worthy night of spooky movies and Netflix:



What are your Favorite Things of Fall? What does Hygge symbolize to you? Now is the time. Give your soul a much deserved gift and indulge. 


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