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In the Spotlight: Avocados

Avocados are one of those foods that I stumbled across way too late in life. It wasn't until I moved to southern California twenty years ago that I had enough courage to give them an honest shot.  I could not understand why they were such a staple in the lives of every local here. Fresh avocados are gifted to neighbors and loved ones like gold and seem to headline every recipe. Once I became the lucky recipient of a "fresh off the tree" offering, I decided it was as good a time as any to cut them open and dive in. All of that precious time wasted! 

Avocado - Neat.jpg

These days, not a day goes by without including avocados in my daily diet. Those in both my running and plant-based circles would agree that avocados are the ultimate "healthy fat" and tend to be the crowd favorite (dare I say, trepidatiously, over peanut butter). They are just loaded with nutrition, especially the important ones that vegans need to be mindful of: B vitamins, E, K, and loads of potassium and folate. But really, who cares about all that...a perfect avocado is simply delicious.  There is just such sweet victory in cutting open a perfect avocado and enjoying it "neat", with a drizzle of lime and Tajin. 


We are fortunate to enjoy avocados all year round. They are especially popular in the summer, as the temperatures soar, and these fruits deliver a smooth, cooling, fresh flavor to most all seasonal fare. Even dessert! Choosing my favorites to share in this post was not an easy task, but the following recipes are truly my staples. Best of all, no cooking required; merely simple and easy preparation.

Avocado Ceviche - 3.jpg

True to SeasonedSenses form, this cauliflower ceviche recipe is wide open for creativity and individual expression. This recipe requires vibrant color choices, and loads of it. With a no-fuss, no-oil dressing, the flavors are allowed to be equally as vibrant. Best served chilled prior to serving, this dish gets better the longer it marinades.

Avocado Tomatillo - 3.jpg

Besides infinite versions of guacamole, this avocado and tomatillo crema is one of my absolute favorites to make. It's unique enough to wow guests and easy enough to whip up for a solo snack. Simply seasoned with cumin, lime and garlic, the big challenge is to not finish it in one sitting!

(*I have finished it in one sitting).

Avocado Mousse - 3.jpg


I will be honest. I have tried some tragic avocado desserts. So much so, that I nearly resigned to the fact that perhaps avocados may not be perfect for everything. Nonsense. I am proud to report that their reputation remains intact. The secret? Keep it simple. This avocado mousse is super low in sugar, has very few ingredients, but so rich and pillowy soft. Easy to whip up and conveniently customized, it will surely be a welcome addition to your list of summer treats, especially when it is simply too hot to lift a finger. 


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